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May 27, 2018

This week felt like 9/11 for so many families in our community. And like so many of us, I’ll never forget where I was and who I was with at that very moment I heard there was an active shooter in Noblesville West Middle School. Unfortunately, these events are happening at an alarming rate; and each and every one of us is responsible, whether we want to acknowledge that or not.  Whether it’s turning a blind eye, or telling yourself it’ll never happen to me. The truth is, the statistics are growing in a direction that are not in our favor. We have to take action. History wasn’t made by sitting on the sidelines and neither will this change we so desperately need in our world today. Believe it or not, we’re entering a shift within our society that demands we be awake for the calling. The question is, are we ready?


Confession: This past year, I promised myself something. The promise, that one day soon, I would do my life’s work.  That would be in, three or four years – once the girls were a little older. Because, we have time, right?


No. Unfortunately, we don’t.  And this is only because we never thought this would happen to us.


According to my plan, a shift in my momentum was going to be in a couple of years. But that’s not God’s plan.  He’s pressing me now – to make an impact, create a movement, and step up and step out when those around us are too afraid. This is my 9/11.  But first, I have to tell you a little story. The best part, it’s one hundred percent true.


A little less than nine months ago my husband was up for a bid process at Noblesville Fire Department. This happens every two years. Each and every fireman, officer, captain, paramedic and engineer bids on a new crew, a new station, the guys they’ll be living and working with, you name it.  When it came to Ben’s selection, there were two choices – the popular “choice” and the simple little fire station in the country.


Let me break it down this way, for all of you like me, that didn’t have a clue as to the political scene within the firehouse. When you’re in the Fire Department looking to promote, you want your activity as it relates to fire runs to be high, your skill set in text and tactical to be respected by all and the hazmat/water rescue gear dirty to prove you can do any job. While these things may be true, Ben saw the situation slightly different. He saw the firehouse in the country as an opportunity to complete extra trainings, earn additional certificates to promote and learn from guys that had nearly thirty years of experience on the job. In essence, Ben didn’t feel like he had to run himself into the ground; he stayed focused on a few specific tasks, kept his skills sharp, while growing in his faith.


Now, as the saying in our house goes, “iron sharpens iron.” This is what we say to each other to ease any tension before we question decisions that impact our family. I asked, ‘what if your paramedic skills do get a little rusty?’  ‘What if you’re missing out on a great opportunity to network and build relationships with other fireman in the same season of life as us?’  And, it was at that moment that I heard a voice in the back of my mind say, ‘it’s not your choice…’  This wasn’t my call. It was his; and I had to trust him.  So, I did. I knew God had plans for Ben being out at that little old station in the country.  And let me tell you, when God has plans for you and you’re obedient enough to listen, get ready.  He will do amazing things.


Fast forward six months later into April, he’s saved a man’s life from a burning trailer while assessing a burn victim in that same run. Rare. One month later, in May of that same year, he was the first paramedic on scene for a call toned out, “active shooter” in our local community. Only God. God had him right where He wanted him – in that little Noblesville Fire Station located less than one mile from the shooting.  That’s the beautiful thing about Him, when you seek Him with your whole heart, he’ll put you in places you could never dream. I’m so thankful today he was wise enough to follow his gut; and I was obedient enough to keep my self-serving opinions to myself.  A skill I’ve only acquired through consistently pursuing the presence of God.


If this tells us anything, I hope we all see it’s not about us. It’s about so much more.  It’s about living out our purpose. Every. Single. Day. There will never be a right time to act on your convictions.  We just have to jump.  And that’s why we’re making a few of changes to serve in the way that I know God has called our family.


First and foremost, I will be writing again. Because God has placed some deep seeded roots and dreams in my heart for a reason and I know my words make an impact that will reach more than those I come into contact with today. I believe, words truly are the greatest source of life, if used correctly.  I need to begin sharing my walk, my sources of inspiration and that which the spirit has laid on my heart to live out my values and strengths – to help families, women and children be their best for this world we all share.


On another note, our family will be taking a step back from custom residential design projects. This is the area of my life that needed to be pruned simply because it wasn’t breathing life into my family. It was becoming all about paint, putting out fires and wallpaper; I felt like the ultimate consumer with the best discounts. And everybody wanted some. This journey became less about building a solid foundation, fireproofing our family and pouring love into those that need it most. And that, has impact. Everlasting impact. And while God has been whispering in my ear this past year; but I’ve been fighting to stick to my plan.  But now, I’m over myself, my plan and see the greater purpose in His.


The good news is, these next two months we have some very exciting projects to share with you. And I can’t wait for you to see our story unfold.  These are a few of my favorites so it’s only fitting we wrap this chapter with our very best work. And this round, is actually being featured on a local social media platform, Indy with Kids.  Ben and I both felt completely humbled when Katy reached out to us. Which makes me think, are we crazy? But, then again, I hear this little voice that says, “Trust me… I have called you higher and deeper…  I’ll take you to places you’ve never dreamed.  And, I’ll provide more than you’ll ever need. Just, trust me.” So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


Much Love,



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