Design Day Friday!!

April 28, 2017

Welcome to our very first Design Day Friday!! I’m so glad you popped by to see what we have in store for today.  This message specifically focuses on designing a new perspective for your life. And in my opinion, the most important element of the home because it leaves the greatest legacy behind. Your gift to the world. I loved this write-in because as a working mom, I know so many women can identify. Even friends who balance working at home as full time moms, can relate too.  Because it places value on your worth, regardless of your situation. My hope is that this conversation encourages a heart to heart with your soul, a good friend or your spouse to help give you a new perspective on your every day. This week’s message comes from Courtney in Charlotte, NC. She writes,


I wanted to share something with you.  You have truly inspired me and inadvertently helped me see some things in a new light.  I’m so grateful to you for this and you didn’t even know it.  As I have expressed before, I’ve had some doubts about my career and whether I’m good enough or meant for it. As you know, I’ve been a nurse working 12 hours shifts and it can be difficult; especially when the patient isn’t always at the center of the health care system and billing dictates many decisions made within. Although I still struggle at times, after reading your blog and seeing the beauty you create, it made me realize that the beauty I get to be a part of and create for the moms I help is priceless…. I’m so incredibly blessed that the Lord has allowed me to be on this path and I’m so thankful to you. The labor nurses I’ve had will forever stick with me. Similar to you bringing new life and beauty into their homes, I get to be a part of the beauty of bringing life into their growing family. I just felt led to thank you… So from the bottom of my heart friend, I thank you. I wish I could build the frame. And of a course and let you create our masterpiece. Maybe someday. 🙂

Your Friend,


What I want to say to Courtney is thank you. Thank you for being the voice of so many women who struggle in their career and the value they bring to this world. Your message is so honest, so raw and ultimately beautiful because you’re choosing joy within the midst of chaos in the daily grind.  I can completely relate. I love that you’re focusing on the ocean that lies ahead {the big picture} instead of the mud puddles that will undoubtadly arise along your path. We actually just talked about this in our last post. I’ve always been a firm believer that these obstacles either strengthen us or derail us from the life we’re called to live. And you’re choosing to press on and focus on putting other’s needs above your own. Making the commitment to show up everyday, has blessed so many mamas and the fruits of your labor will surely be revealed on the other side eternity. I’m so proud of you!! You would have robbed yourself of this beautiful gift if you were seeking perfection.  And we all know this life is far from perfect; but it’s up to us to make life as full as humanly possible.

After nearly ten years of marriage I’ve learned a few things. One of the most important, to choose joy, everyday. It’s the foundation of a beautiful home. I’m the first to admit, I’ve stumbled; but I always get right back up better than before. I now know that if I’m not at peace with myself, I’ll never be happy in my home.  And the ultimate beneficiaries are my children. We’re always passing on something. Every. Single. Day. Today, I’m committing to joy. I’m committing to one on one dates with my daughter and listening to my husband when all I want to do is crawl into bed.  Today, I challenge you to take one positive step towards building a firmer foundation within your home. And if you just said to yourself, ‘that’s silly… no way.’ Then you need this more than you think. Please don’t discount yourself from this process. If you are, you’re selling yourself short and you’re ultimately robbing yourself and your family from something beautiful.  This is part of the design process. Sometimes we need to tear down walls, to rebuild the fabric of our lives. It’s not easy, but it’s always, always worth it.  And if done consistently and well, we will all be better in the end. After all, we’re in this life together.

A big thanks to those that wrote in this week. I can’t wait to read the questions and stories for next week! Please feel free to email me at I hope you’ll join us then!


Stay Beautiful,


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