Masters in Wikipedia Design School – 101

July 30, 2018

I honestly feel like Ben and I are sprinting the 400 meter dash.  Have you ever seen us run? It’s not pretty. This past week, we began the fourth and final lap and and both of our low fuel lights came on. Ben’s came in the form of a a cap at the dentist office. And mine, well, came in the form of a schedule juggling kids, work, organizing trades & material, celebrating a good friend’s birthday and wrapping up another design project over the weekend. I seriously can’t believe I typed that all into one sentence.

When we initially took on this flip, my goal was to have this turned around in 30 days. Everyone said it couldn’t be done.  They said 60-90 at a minimum. My new goal is 42. That gives us a little over two weeks to the finish line and there’s no way this could be done without us both pushing overdrive at the end of the day.  We officially have trades lined up to be completed by August 3rd. The only thing left to do, lighting.  My favorite!!

This past week, the last of the dirty work went down. High five on that. Because I really miss my kiddos leaving this place not covered in dirt and Ben coming home smelling like he’s been rolling in cats all day. This week we accomplished the following: finished the install of the new trim, completed drywall, ripped up the last of the old floors, pulled toilets, vacuumed up old cat hair on the shelving and door frames and filled up our dumpster as full as it could go while watching the remnants of the previous homeowner’s past hauled away.  It was exhausting.  Nonetheless, this proves one thing I know for sure – I am SO not a hoarder.

So, as I sit here with Kennedy on my lap, let me deliver the real juice. Our biggest mishap of the week – a cracked upper cabinet upon arrival and our painter delaying the process two days to this past Friday.  Which, by the way, will likely stir the tail feathers of our flooring guys on Tuesday. Because it’s going to take Oscar a full week to paint this place.

So, I have two options here – Tell the flooring guys the truth and postpone install a few days; or, do I risk it and lay beautiful new flooring and ask the painting crew to work around it.  You got it.  That one.  I need to keep this train moving.  I’ve learned when you’re lining up trades – the order, the timing and the seamless communication is so important. I mean, I knew this; but when you’re living it and you’re the backbone of this thing you have to trust people to get it done as they say they will.  And if not, they need to hustle or work to make it right.  So, they’ll work together to keep moving forward; because mama has a deadline and each and every day that we maintain this big piece of pie in our name, costs us money.

As for the cabinet, what happens if you get a cracked egg? Good question.  I had no clue.  But now I do; so let me tell you.  A ticket is opened and once approved a new cabinet is expedited directly to our home in 2-3 business days. WIN.  Newsflash and word to the wise –  When your upper corner cabinet is damaged this effects the install of every. other. cabinet.  You heard me.  So, we’re stuck until this one arrives at it’s new home. Who knew?? Not this girl.  So many lessons learned but this will only make us better next time. You got it.  Pillar of positivity. We got this. 😉

And my highlight of the week – if you saw the picture this week, you’ve guessed it.  Herrinbone floors!! Can I seriously lay down and do a snow angel on this business?! It’s gorgeous.  And, I had one hour to pick it out.  Truth. Earlier this week, Lowe’s had this gorgeous new tile come in – it was it. Only problem, they had 36 square feet and I needed 39 plus the 10 extra to build in for breaks and cuts. Son of a biscuit. I was bummed. And there were no extra tiles like this within the state of Indiana.  So, I said a prayer, went to Home Depot the next day with both girls solo and flagged down a flooring gal to assist.  I really wanted to put this pretty little wall tile on the floor. It can be done, right? Well, it could.  But, it was risky.  You just can’t put anything heavy on it; and wall tiles tend to be shiny which equates to slippery.  Not ideal in a bathroom. So, I opted for my tried and true – white calacatta porcelain flooring. Made in Mexico.  What’s not to love. Do it to it. That was it.  And the wow factor, herringbone!! It was going to be gorgeous.

Then, our new crew shows up.  The kicker, he’s Russian.  I must have missed this in our little game of telephone… And, he didn’t speak a lick of english.  So Alex, our interpreter/matchmaker of this new tile crew, played designer breaking down the layout of these tiles.  Thank GOD I’m a gal that clarifies, clarifies, and then clarifies again.  I know – annoying.  But it’s highly beneficial when raising kiddos to actively listen and getting a Russian to lay a herringbone pattern correctly.  Because, once he ran this pattern on his own, it was a hot mess.  And then, after a few Hail Mary’s and some tweaks, he had it!  He was off to the races.  Only one catch.  He then picked up the tiles, begins to study them and starts waving his hands in the air… I’m like, what is he looking at? He was taking a deep dive into every edge, corner, angle – front and back. And then Alex says, “Melissa, dese tiles, dey so cheap. Look.”  And then he held the tile in the air up to the window so the natural light could hit every angle and showed me that it was slightly curved.  They all were.

Well, nobody taught me this in Wikipedia Design School. Crap. Who knew? I thought ALL tiles had to be straight.  Nope. Apparently not – especially if they’re made in high quantities and on the affordable end. So now what? Thankfully, my new friend was highly skilled at installing all varieties of tile and told me what to expect.  Some edges may appear slightly higher than others; but he assured me it wasn’t his quality of work.   It was the material.  And then the lightbulb went off.  This was amazing.  You can’t teach people to truly care. Either they do, or they don’t. And this guy was nailing it and he didn’t even know it.  Sold. Let’s get it done. He’s a keeper!!

And with that, this week is a wrap and I’ve got a little girl that needs to hit the hay. Next week – oh my laawwwd.  It’s all going to be fabulous.  This is when this house becomes a home!! And I can’t wait for you to see it all unfold.

Until next week sweet friends,

Melissa 😉


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