Ready. Set. Dream Big.

August 5, 2017

Welcome!! Ninety nine percent of you will be hearing this for the very first time. Which is why ninety nine percent of you could benefit from reading and responding to this message. The invitation is here. And I’m so excited to announce an exciting new brand we’re collaborating with within the Design House. This company is called Chalk Couture. And, a little over one month ago this company was launched to the public. Finally, today, we’re revealing how we’ve married their designs with our little Asbury Design House name to create custom pieces for your home. And the possibilities are truly endless. I can’t wait to share them with you! And if we’re lucky enough, a few pieces may find their way into your home. 🙂

The best part is, we can create these pieces for you. Or, you can do this on your very own.  In your home. In a classroom. In a wine bar. In your bible study. Or, in your wildest dreams. Because, it’s beyond easy. It’s extremely addicting. And the results are beyond gorgeous. Every. Single. Time. With this company and our Design House stylings, you can launch your very own design business from your home. We’ll give you the inspiration and the boards. While Chalk Couture will provide you with the tools you’ll need along the way. Marry those two together and you’ll have one gorgeous piece! Created by you – and only you.

The vision I have for this is big.  And, it’s not motivated by the money.  It’s motivated by the growth that comes by stretching yourself. Growing others the way I’ve grown through my obsession with design for over a decade. Leading amazing women to do things they never thought were possible while celebrating the little moments that connect us all. And, having a ton of fun doing it.  People not feeling alone anymore; or frustrated because they can’t afford beautiful designs within their home.  I love this because these products are accessible. And, you would be connecting with a community that loves you right back.  This will, inevitably, empower women to unleash their creative passions with their God given potential. And I just know those reading this have a story just waiting to be written with this company.  It gives me chills! And I can’t wait to walk along this journey with you. 🙂

So while you may be considering this new little adventure, here’s a few additional questions you may be asking:

What makes this opportunity unique? This company launched July 1st, 2017.  So, if you think of ground floor.  This my friends, is ground floor.  Read that again – ground floor.  There’s no other company out there that can do what this company can do; and makes it this easy to create beautiful pieces.

How are these products different? This is the piece of this story that presents a competitive advantage – it’s the products.  Chalk Couture has created a unique line of chalk paste that is washable, wipeable and completely customizable. You can apply this to wood, glass, chalk boards or fabric. The designs you can create are only limited by what you can dream. And, let’s say you change your mind and want to create a new piece.  No problem.  Simply wipe your sign or chalk board a day, month or year later, and create a new gorgeous piece that’s truly yours. Chalk Couture has created a line of products that’s easy to use, fun and extremely versatile for nearly all ages.

Do I really have what it takes? And is this for me? The third element, {and the most exciting} is that you get to blend your creative side with our Design House stylings and Chalk Couture’s products. And, while the income that you could generate from this little side hustle has unlimited potential. No one else within the business is able to offer this benefit. Because you would have access to our color recipes as it relates to stains, base colors for your boards and pre-cut wooden signs. And, because you would be partnering with Chalk Couture and the Asbury Design House, you would get exclusive access to our pre-cut signs and materials at a wholesale prices. What?! Yes. You get discounts which means there’s greater profits for you once you launch your business. And once you get your hands on this, you’ll see how addicting, easy and amazingly beautiful these pieces can truly make your home.  That’s why I believe our Design House was called for a time like this. I’ve put my heart behind our love for design and this opportunity couldn’t be more perfect in timing.

So, if this sounds like this opportunity was made for you and you feel led, write me. Message me. Text me. Or, if you’re still on the fence, check out our site via the Chalk Couture site at

Here, you can take a look around to see exactly what Chalk Couture offers. You’ll be able to preview their products, transfers, chalkboards and other design ideas. And, you’re already well aware of the stylings of our Design House. Blend these two together and the options are truly endless!! I envision design classes, products being made and sold on Etsy and the most beautiful handmade Christmas gifts, ever.  If you can dream it, you can do it – and we’re here to encourage you. This is the start of something beautiful. I believe it. And very soon, we’ll be hosting our very own Asbury Design House Party. I hope you’ll join us!  Stay tuned for details.

All are welcome.  As long as you keep dreaming BIG.

Stay Addicted,


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