Rehab Gone Roadtrippin’

July 16, 2018

They said 30 days was aggressive. Really? Because in my world, I make things happen.  Then again, I haven’t ever been at the mercy of a crew or contractors. Meet my new life.  But seriously, after getting four trees knocked down, the yard mulched, trees trimmed and weeds pulled within 48 hours of closing, I was even impressed with my maximizing ways.

Twenty-four hours later, the kitchen cabinets were ordered.  Next up, were two full baths and laundry room cabinetry along with the countertops to complete it all.  Check.. I’ve seriously got this.  And then somehow, my humility went Houdini on me and God decided to teach my little pride a lesson.  That was right after the moment I thought, why didn’t we do flips years ago?!

Then, last week happened.  Saturday, July 7th to be exact.

The big question. How in the Haiti am I going to get all of this done? The house looked like a crime scene. Herminio and his crew assisted in demo; but most all trades were out 4-6 weeks.  Which meant, I needed to blow up the phones of Siri’s recommendations for an electrician, dry-waller, plumber, HVAC guy and contractor to on the fly.  What the flip?

Let me take you into my mind a bit as I prepared for this week.  Warning. It’s been a little crazy up in here. 😉

This week our plate was beyond full. Check it out. On the VIP list, getting the cabinetry installed and meeting a crew to template the countertops by Friday. A lot of work, yes; but we got this.  Item number two.  Connecting with Brian’s flooring guys to measure and give an estimate for flooring and prepare for the re-glazing of tubs and tile.  Double check. Line up painters to get us on their calendars in two weeks.  Oscar came and he conquered.  Triple check.  He’s totally on top of it.  Next up, a local electrician to rewire the attic.  Thank you, Joe Bright. And thank you, Siri.

Last but not least, check out our options as it relates to getting home stagers on site. Listen, I know what looks good. But if ya’ll think I have the energy to haul furniture while working full time and flipping this little property on my nights and weekends, you’ve got to be crazy.  I’m hiring a crew for this one.  Outsourcing has become my best friend.

And then this phone call happened.

“Hello, is this Mrs. Asbury?”

“It is. Who’s this?” I had no clue.  These days, I had more calls coming in than a vinyl village who just blew a breaker on a sweaty Sunday. I was weeded.

“Mrs. Asbury, it’s Jamie from Cabinets To Go.  I’m really sorry but we just realized that one of your cabinets for your bathroom is out of stock so we’ll be sending those up to Indy in a truck next Friday instead of this Friday.”

Immediately, I felt like Tommy Boy.  How am I going to convince this guy to stick his head up a bull’s you know what?

“ Okay, I understand… But what can we do to still get these in the next two business days as promised last week?  Zack confirmed this would be shipped.”

“Well ‘mam, I’m afraid nothing because we don’t have this cabinet and company policy states we can’t send product until the entire order is present.”

“I completely understand…  However, when we ordered Zack knew our timeline and he was confident we would have these this Friday.  We have a template crew coming out to measure for tops this week. There really are no solutions other than for you to make this happen. Is there anything else you can do?”

“I’m sorry. We’ve already sent orders for this week.  We won’t get them until next Friday.”

“There’s got to be something.  Where are these cabinets? Can we drive there?”

“Well, you can…”

Fast forward and you have Chris Farley and David Spade in the car with the top down eating peanut M&M’s.  And that’s what we did.  Okay, by we, I mean Ben.  That guy.  He’s always up for a good road trip.  He always has been. We use myself as the excuse to go outlet shopping.  But deep down something in that man comes alive behind the minivan wheel heading towards a good deal. That’s just Ben.  And so there you have it.  We found some rotten lemons but we made some darn good lemonade. And after a 17 hour day, we had our cabinets.  One day behind schedule; but it was better than seven.

So, through the sweat, labor and tears, we have a kitchen. And, we’re back on track. For now… God only knows what this next week will bring; but I’m sure he’ll deliver a lesson behind the scene.  This week’s lesson, always stay humble and kind.  It’s so simple; but it’s so easy to rely on our own self worth to get the job done.  I don’t ever want to do a job alone.  The moment I thought, I got this.  Was the moment it fell all apart.  It’s just Him reminding me that I’m not so big after all. But with Him, all things can be done.  I’m beginning to realize, this is God’s job – I’m just the hands and feet. This is His will for Ben and I. It just feels right and we’ve have convictions along the way.  I can’t tell you how often I’ll pray for clarity to take this step and then out of the blue someone will say, “This is your gift. You should be doing this.  We’re so excited for you and Ben!”  That really means the world to us.  Because we know we’re doing something good with our talents. We’re creating this home for a family we have yet to meet. And I know it’s going to bless them.  Beyond measure.  So here’s to going into week three and kissing my 30 day goal goodbye.  You know what they say… You may reach for the moon and sometimes you just hit the stars.

Night Friends,

Miss 😉





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