The One.

June 4, 2018

Ben said something this past week that stuck with me. I asked, “What was going through your mind when you heard the call?”  He responded in a way that I didn’t expect. And he’s actually been doing that a lot lately.   He said, “Miss, God tells us not to fear.  And I couldn’t… As soon as I realized this was really happening, I just needed to answer the call.” It was simple. Not overly complicated.  And this is why I love him.  And then I asked, “Do you ever hear God talk to you…” He gave me that look.. I knew he was wondering where I was going with this..  And so I confessed, “I just felt led to ask you…” And he responded, “I did in that moment. When I saw her there. Everything around me began to move slowly and then I heard a voice say, That’s her. It’s time to get to work.”

Who has chills? I know. I’m with you. That’s why I love being in synch with God. Because when He calls, you know it.  And He’s called both of us to be here, in this moment.

Then in my ‘I always wanted to be a newscaster way’ asked a lot of other questions.  But one specifically I’ll share is the question I got more than any other from friends and our church. “How are you guys on scene at the firehouse going to get over this? Are they okay?” Simply because, if you know a fireman, most don’t talk about what they’ve seen after a 24 hour shift.  Number one, they can’t talk about specifics due to HIPAA violations; and second, Ben doesn’t specifically want to recall the horrific scenarios that may have kept him up all night. So my best way to approach this, is to get on his wavelength and be patient enough for him to open up.  He said, “I have a different sense of reality than most people do… Meaning, last week, I was doing everything I could to help turn an awful situation into good.  And today, I’m here with you, in my home, having a conversation. My reality is where I am and no place else.” He spoke so much truth and discipline.  He wasn’t allowing his mind to go to that place again. He couldn’t. And it had to have taken so much strength to run into that building not knowing what was on the other side.  It still gives me chills and has only recently not brought me to tears thinking about the depth of the situation here so close to home.


And so, this got me reading this week. Specifically, about the growth process we go through as humans and God’s never ending, reckless love for us. Did you know that real gold, pure gold, can only be refined by fire.  Stay with me on this.  It starts as ore; (an element in this earth) is carefully mined, broken and shattered to pieces, sifted and washed and then refined. It’s a thorough process that takes incredible manpower.  And, interestingly enough, it’s at 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit that impurities are skimmed off the top making this one of the purest forms of precious metals.  And when repeated over and over again, it becomes beautiful, rare and one of the most worthy masterpieces on earth.


Every single one of us are traveling this same path; at different points in the refining process. We’re being broken, crushed and sifted over and over again – with each trial leaving us with fewer impurities than before. And when done repeatedly, over time, our most beautiful masterpieces slowly reveal themselves to the world – our true self.  The one that God calls us to be.  The person before the pain and suffering of life sets in.  It’s our outlook before the divorce, the diagnosis, the abuse, or before you were betrayed by that friend that left fearful to trust.  For those of us impacted by the most recent school shooting, it was the person you were before that individual committed one selfish act that would affect a community – and now a nation. We are being refined. We must go through the process and look up and not back.  How can we grow? How can we get better? What is God trying to teach me?  We must not pause long enough to be paralyzed; but long enough to realize that we must do something.  What I’ve discovered is that it’s the pauses in-between, which are the hardest; because that’s when we should be taking action.  My opinion, this is a heart issue.  .  Sure, there are a number of other elements that need to be addressed. But the real issue is of the heart.  And that’s something that can only be changed by God and those that offer generosity, kindness and love beyond expectations. There are serious roots to this thing.  It’s deeper than what we see. And it all starts at home.


This past week someone told me, “Melissa, you can’t reach the unreachable. There are some people in this world that don’t want to be helped.”  While I’m sure this could be true, I don’t want to believe it.  Because if this were the case, why would Jesus leave the ninety nine to get the one.  It’s the parable in the Bible. He had ninety nine sheep right there with him; and yet, he left them to go get the one.  The one lost sheep – because that one mattered.  You matter and I matter.  And so do our actions to positively impact a change for this world.  I didn’t inherit the nickname “Pillar of Positivity” on a whim. It was through consistent action on a team that won a national award.  Those actions made a difference. Because of my passion, faith, love of family, self and for others is real.  And, we need to make a change. Are you with me?


So, friends, what do you feel like needs to be done in the home and what can we do to help or address these issues? I would love to know your thoughts.  We don’t have all of the answers; but sometimes, it’s just takes a village.  To spark an idea that sparks a movement.  Don’t become numb to this.  And if you are, maybe this message is just for you. Mountains can be moved; it just takes a few brave souls with conviction, faith and perseverance to make it happen. I hope you’ll meet me there.


Big Love,


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