Three Tips to Achieving A Great Design

April 24, 2017

A few months ago I was hit with something that made me change the way I approached this little hobby of design. And it was this. “Don’t play in the mud puddle when there’s an ocean out there just waiting for you.” Which is why this simple truth was something my heart needed to hear. What if we were able to identify when we are approaching a puddle that’s trying to trip us up from the beautiful ocean that awaits. In terms of design, these puddles can be paint, tile, stone, a good print – you name it. This is my point in writing this message. Because when we do get tripped up, the potential downfall is that we’re robbed of the of the insane beauty that awaits. And that’s never worth sacrificing.  Beautiful design is simplicity at it’s finest. It’s simple, I promise. And I’m going to offer you three things – and only these only three things, to get started.

Number One: Uncover your “why”.  This may sound so silly. But figure out what the heck you’re chasing.  Are you doing this to keep up with the Jones’s? Are they paying for your new design? I didn’t think so. Are you putting up a shiplap wall because you love it or are you doing it because it’s the “in” thing?  Just ask yourself this, will I love it in 5-10 years when there’s a new character detail in town. If so, then what are you waiting for? If not, reconsider. I personally love the “why’s” that impact the way a family lives. We recently designed a space and built a game table that “wins” the attention of little ones a Friday night, instead of the TV. We also did a space where we built a custom stage so three little girls could be exactly who God created in their moments of pure innocence.  That is a huge win in the memory book. At the end of the day, it’s really a fine balance of living in the moment and making smart decisions that yield wise investment dollars in the end. So, tip number one, uncover your “why” and evaluate what makes sense for your family. And then, commit to it and take action.

Number Two: Find an inspiration piece.  What is it that you want to notice when you first walk into the space? Is it the lighting, new windows, stone fireplace, a piece of art you’ve collected from a special place.  Whatever that is, build your space around it.  Let me help take you there. In one space we recently did, I remember the homeowner giving me this beautiful material from Africa. It’s where they adopted their sweet daughter, Ava. The only caveat, it was hot pink. Like, hotter than the bubble gum pink and layered with intricate designs. It was really beautiful.  My only problem, I love neutrals and I love a good monochromatic look. But this, is what my space needed to be built around. It was too beautiful to dismiss.  So I weaved it into the space by covering books, layering material within weaved baskets and highlighted it in a few frames. This is now what your eye is drawn towards. It was beautiful – yet different. Just like sweet Ava. Tip number two, find your inspiration. Because this is the foundation of any good design; and every space deserves an anchor.  I guarantee you have it, you just need to uncover it.

Number Three: Come up with a game plan. You would never put a bet on a team that didn’t have a good coach. In fact, some of my favorite people in life are amazing coaches. That’s what your designer is. And that’s why everyone needs one. It’s not what you think it is – super expensive, where I come over in my white gloves with my fancy shoes and nit pick every little thing that’s wrong with you home. It’s just the opposite. I’ll likely come over in my flip flops from Target, my favorite new necklace from JCrew Factory and be so thankful I’m getting invited into a space to help a family enhance the way they do life. I actually appreciate a good mess – it simply means you’re human and you’re investing your time in things that really matter most. And surprisingly so, designers can actually help you save money. We’ll help you make decisions you simply wouldn’t consider yourself. Need an example, why put white carerra marble in the floors of your shower if your husband is constantly dying his hair? You know this happens. Because men are high maintenance. You get my point. 😉

So, those are my three tips to consider today if you’re in the market for achieving a smart design plan. Get some inspiration, get on top of your “why” and find an amazing coach. One that cares about your pocket book as much as you do. That’s how you know you have a “W” in the books. I hope this helps you get in the game and get inspired to start playing in the ocean your home was made for today. Because life is short and your home was made to simply be beautiful. I hope you’ll come back and join us for more.


Your Addicted to Beautiful,


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