Welcome Home.

April 15, 2017

We’re so glad you’re here! I know how hard it can be for family and friends to capture your undivided attention; so I’m genuinely thankful you’ve decided to land here to take a sneak peek at our new home. As with any date on the calendar or impromptu, I hope you walk away from this place feeling empowered, inspired, encouraged and truly filled with joy. Because ultimately, that’s why we’re here.

So, let’s do this little tour together. Shop around! I’ve listed in my “Shop” a few of my very favorite things. And the best part, this site will take you directly to the shop owner’s page. Awesome, right?! Who doesn’t love to take advantage of a few design tips for free. These are amazing vendors with high quality items I’m sure you’ll love just as I do. We’ve even partnered with a local real estate team, Homes With Steill. Justin and his team can meet any of your real estate needs. We’re not messing around! You now officially have a One Stop Shop if you’re new to Indy or looking to maximize every dollar in the sale of your home. And the best part, I get to do my pretty little design thing and you get to do the happy dance in your new space! Trust me, it happens.

Last but not least, I hope you’ll get to know Ben and I through Our Story. Here, we’ll share the roots of how we were led to one another and eventually, here. We’ll uncover the sweet little fact of life we’ve discovered through these two years in the design process. And, start this journey with you on a road paved with trust. It may come to no surprise, but we do our best work when our clients trust us whole heartedly to do what we do. And that includes you on the other side of this screen. And because of that, it’s in this place, we hope to begin to lay a solid foundation together.

What’s next? Free giveaways for those that share in the love of our new space. Flash sales from my favorite vendors, Design Day Q & A’s and weekly posts updated to our site. Over the past year, I’ve been fielding a number of questions every week and I want to share some of those design dilemmas and solutions with you. It’s time. I know I’ve been called. I’m just finally being brave enough to do it. This year is all about impact; and reaching those that we would never reach outside of Indy. So I hope you’ll join us! Enjoy the ride. Because the very best lies ahead. Welcome Home!

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